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Baker Bingo

The Zero Baker welcomes you to play a fun game of Bingo!

Video + Printable Chips & Cards

Brick Builds

Grab your bricks and start building your favorite character!

PDF Downloads

Paper Crafts

Create your own puppet show with adorable cutout characters!

PDF Downloads

Exclusive Premieres

Be the first to watch exclusive never-before-seen videos!

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Sight Words Level 5

The new Meet the Sight Words 5 scenes will be featured here first!


Word Search

Hunt for hidden sight words and enhance your reading skills!

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Watch & play

Seek & Find

Get ready for a Seek & Find adventure in this fun & colorful collection! Are you ready for the challenge?

PDF Downloads

Bead Builds

Grab your beads and follow along as we build fun characters to play with!

Videos + PDF Downloads

Learn to Draw

Unleash your creativity and learn to draw our adorable Preschool Prep characters!

Videos + Printable Instructions


An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at our characters from animatic to final animation in these never before seen side-by-side videos.

Exclusive Content

Door Hangers

Print & cut out your very own Door Hangers to hang around your home!

PDF Downloads

Color by

Get ready for a burst of color and creativity with our Color by Collection!

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Print at home

Greeting Cards

Share love, joy, and warm wishes with our delightful Greeting Cards and make every occasion unforgettable!

PDF Downloads


Get ready for a blast with our Games collection. Let the games begin!

PDF Downloads + Videos

Find It!

Sharpen your observation skills as you embark on a quest to uncover these hidden gems. Can you Find It?

PDF Downloads

Memory Games

Get ready to test your memory skills with our exciting Memory Games collection! Can you win a Memory Game?

PDF Downloads

Paper Glasses

Print & cut your very own character glasses directly from your favorite scene!

PDF Downloads


Solve these fun Sudoku puzzles along with the lovable Numbers characters!

PDF Downloads

Fun for hours!


Get ready for a collection of fun puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours. Are you ready for the challenge?

PDF Downloads

Find the Difference

Sharpen your observation skills and enjoy the exciting challenge, Can you Find the Difference?

PDF Downloads

Doodle Art

Unleash your inner artist and let your creativity soar with our Doodle Art collection! Let your imagination run wild!

PDF Downloads

Giveaways & Prizes!

Special events and monthly giveaways!

Special Events!


If you loved the Spanish characters, then you'll love these Spanish dedicated activities.

PDF Downloads + Videos

Fan Art

Show off your masterpiece or browse the Fan Art Gallery for inspiration!


Unleash creativity!

Zero Says

Follow along with the Zero Baker in a fun game of Zero Says!


Secret Codes

Unlock secret messages with your favorite characters! Can you solve these puzzles?

PDF Downloads

Magic Draw

Grab your magic drawing wand as you complete the vanished characters!

PDF Downloads

Community Page

Engage with other fans, polls, suggestions, easter egg discussions, & much much more!


Pumkin Carving Stencils

Printout these stencils and bring characters to life as you carve them onto your pumkins!

PDF Downloads

Holiday Themed Activities

Join in on the festivities with our Holiday-themed activities every month!

Special Events!


Download & print from a large selection of activities, puzzles, games, paper crafts, easy reader pages, greeting cards, and so much more!


Have fun with games you can play at home. Print from a wide selection of board games or join the Zero Baker to play Bingo, Simon Says, etc.


Watch exclusive never-before-seen videos before anyone else! Enjoy behind-the-scenes, how-to videos, online classes, and much much more!


Join the Kids Club community of super fans, show off your amazing art work, discuss new activities, and enter to win monthly prizes!

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